How far can a motorcycle go on a tank of gas?

Have you been left riding on fumes, wondering actually how far you can ride on a tank of fuel?

Depending on the type of motorcycle, the fuel range varies; between 120 and 200 miles is the norm. Gas tanks on sports bikes are slightly larger and have an additional 50 miles range. Cruisers have a range of 220 miles.

How far can motorcycles go on one tank?

It depends on a few factors, the fuel tank’s size, the engine’s size and fuel consumption, and the speed the motorcycle travels at.

A sports bike riding at an optimal speed of 60 miles per hour to achieve the best fuel consumption will reach around 250 miles on a tank of gas.

If the same rider opens the throttle and rides like a bat out of hell, fuel consumption will increase dramatically and possibly only travel 125 miles on a gas tank.

However, the average distance for a motorcycle on a full gas tank is between 120 and 200 miles for this article.

How far can a motorcycle go on a gallon of gas?

Again it depends on the motorcycle; motorcycles can range from 35 MPG to 60 MPG giving almost double the distance for a gallon of gas.

Understandably, many variables affect the MPG of a motorcycle, such as the weight of the motorcycle and the motorcycle rider.

The problem with riding on a gallon of gas is that you will be riding in the somewhat unknown realms of how much fuel is held in reserve.

All riders experience the fuel light coming on at some point. The feeling can be disconcerting if you don’t know where the next gas station is.

So your reserve tank will hold between 0.25 and 0.90 gallons of fuel. On an average motorcycle, this means that you can ride a further 9 miles or 55 miles from when your reserve light comes on.

Do you know that weather affects your MPG? The colder the weather, the more gas you will use.

What motorcycle has the largest fuel tank?

Honda CB500X, BMW 1200 RT, Honda ST 1300 Pan European, designed for eating continental roads. The largest tank on a motorcycle is 10 gallons.

What motorcycle has the longest range?

Honda CB500X will deliver 70.4 MPG when ridden to the max of its power curve, and if you treat the motorcycle nicely, the mpg rises to 83.65 MPG, which is incredible for a performance bike.

If we talk about extreme MPG from a motorcycle, the Royal Enfield Taurus is a diesel motorcycle and returns a whopping 670 miles for one tank of fuel. Why didn’t diesel motorbikes catch on?

If driven at cruising speeds, motorcycles return a comparable MPG to cars.