How many mpg can a motorcycle get?

Do you know what mpg your motorcycle should be delivering? Why does mpg vary so much on motorcycles with similar size engines?

It depends on the engine displacement, but an average motorcycle of 600 ccs should be returning 40 to 50 mpg. Sammler motorcycles can reach a massive 150 miles on a gallon of fuel, while bigger bikes riding hard can drop-top around 30 mpg.

How many MPG is the average motorcycle?

50 to 80 mpg would be a good day riding. It depends on so many factors, the terrain, the air temperature and if you are cruising or riding hard with high revs.

A 600cc motorcycle on a decent day cruising along will reach up to 80 mpg. You can be sub 30 mpg. Put the same bike on a track and run flat out.

Of course, if you have a smaller engine, say a 125 cc, you still have a slight performance but could manage to eke out an enormous 150 miles for one cheap gallon of fuel!

If you carry a few extra pounds on your motorcycle, this will affect your mpg.

New motorcycle engines are very efficient in fuel economy as new motorcycles need to pass the ever-increasingly more stringent emission requirements.

Even motorcycles built for performance can return excellent mpg figures. 

Do motorcycles have good MPG?

Motorcycles can return staggeringly good MPG. Smaller engine motorcycles can return up to 150 mpg.

On average, you can expect 50 mpg even from motorcycles designed for performance tourers, and cruisers can return around 80 mpg if they are on an open road and the conditions are good.

It goes without saying if you are riding in terrain that has steep inclines and high altitudes, your mpg will reduce.

Riding in the city is not ideal. You can settle into a steady speed which is perfect for mpg. The stop-start riding causes you to use higher revs and more fuel once on the open road.

Off-road motorcycles are slightly different in how they record their fuel consumption. An off-road motorcycle uses GPH (gallons per hour).

It seems to make sense as your primary objective is not crossing large distances.

What motorcycle has the highest mpg?

There are some fantastic mpg figures, but the Honda Grom sticks with a motorcycle that doesn’t class as a moped. The Honda Grom is a little dirt bike with a 125 cc engine that packs a punch.

Incredibly this motorcycle can deliver 125 mpg on a single gallon of fuel. The Honda monkey delivers similar figures.

But you can still ride a full-size motorcycle and return great mileage. The Honda Rebel 300cc cruiser delivers 71 mpg. It’s a fantastic looking motorcycle and has lots of performance combined with an enviable mpg.

Is 40 mpg good for a motorcycle?

Yes, it could be better, but it’s an acceptable mpg that most riders would be happy to live with daily.