Why does my motorcycle stall when I give it gas?

When you wind the throttle open from a standstill, is your motorcycle engine faltering? Is this poor clutch control from the rider, or is there a mechanical reason for this problem?

Your engine can die for many reasons when you open the throttle. You may stall if you haven’t replaced your air filter in a while. You will lose power if your engine runs rich.

The combustion chamber has too much fuel. The fuel cannot burn, so your engine cuts out.

Why does my engine die when I give it throttle?

A dirty air filter could be causing all the problems if your air filter has not been replaced for some time and your engine is cutting out when you apply the throttle. A dirty air filter alters the air to fuel ratio.

If your motorcycle is running rich, it is getting too much fuel which will flood the combustion chamber when you apply throttle. It’s true also that an engine that runs lean will have the same problem.

Why does my motorcycle hesitate when I accelerate?

In most cases, this is an air to fuel ratio issue. If your air filter is dirty, replacing it could resolve the issue.

If your engine is running rich, you have too much fuel and not enough air. Too much fuel will swamp the combustion chamber and either make your motorcycle stall or hesitate on acceleration.

If your motorcycle engine is running lean, you have too much air and not enough fuel entering the combustion chamber. Running lean will make your engine hesitate and run hot.

Vacuum pipes leaking can cause all sorts of problems, one of which is hesitant acceleration. Check your vacuum pipes for cracks and leaks.

It is possible you could have excess play in the throttle cable, and when you apply the throttle, nothing is happening with the revs, but you have let the clutch out.

What causes a motorcycle to stall?

It has to be said it’s often the rider and not a mechanical issue. The motorcycle will stall if the rider’s hand inputs are out of sync. Not enough throttle when releasing the clutch.

Incorrect fuel to air ratio is standard. If the fuel mixture is out, it is easy to stall your motorcycle.

A weak spar and a faulty ignition system, insufficient output from the alternator, and a dying battery will all contribute to your motorcycle stalling.

Why does my bike die when I give it gas?

If your motorcycle runs on tick over, you have a problem with your mixture. Check for a dirty air filter.

Dirty air filters alter the rate of air to fuel mix, causing your motorcycle to run lean. Running lean causes your engine to run hotter and is susceptible to stalling when applying the throttle.