How much does a motorcycle tyre weigh?

Have you ever picked a motorcycle tyre up when having your tyres changed only to be surprised by the weight of the tyre alone?

Tyres can be heavy depending on the motorcycle. Weight can vary from 3 to 30 pounds. A front tyre can weigh 20 lbs, depending on the quality of tyre. The rear tyre can be as heavy as 30 lbs!

How much do tyres weigh?

It depends on the size of the tyre, the weight of the motorcycle and who manufactures the tyre. If you select a brand tyre like Dunlop or Michelin, you could reasonably expect the tyres to weigh almost the same. But this is not the case.

Front tyres have a different profile than rear tires and weigh less. The average front tyre weighs approximately 20 pounds but can be as low as 3 lbs.

As you would expect, a rear tyre is significantly heavier than a front tyre. It needs to be substantial. A rear cruiser tyre can be as heavy as 40 pounds. The tyre will take the main weight of the motorcycle and at the same time deliver the torque from the engine to the road.

How much do Michelin tires weigh?

Michelin comes in midways when it comes to tyre weights. A decent cruiser tyre weighs around 15 lbs for the front and 30 for the rear.

However, Michelin is the oldest tyre company in existence, so it’s easy to assume Michelin knows a thing or two about manufacturing motorcycle tyres. So, is a heavier tyre better? It’s hard to say because there are less well-known tyres that almost double the weight of the Michelin.

Is heavier better? It comes down to the type of motorcycle you ride; a heavy tyre is needed for a heavy bike. 

Sports bike tyres are heavy, the steel reinforcement and rubber compound need to withstand intergalactic forces in some cases, and a belt and braces approach is taken to construct these tyres.

How much does a 17-inch wheel and tyre weigh?

Again it depends on the tyre being used and the construction material of the wheel, but on average, it will be close to 90 lbs for the average road motorcycle.

How much does a 15-inch tyre weigh?

Some smaller tyres can weigh in at as little as 3 lbs. A front 15-inch tyre weighs approximately 12 pounds. 

It goes without saying that tyres from different manufacturers will vary in weight, but on average, 12 lbs will be the tire’s weight.

Choose tyres correct for your motorcycle and inflate to the recommended levels for maximum performance, safety and longevity of the tyre.