Are motorcycles cheaper than cars?

What factors do you need to consider when deciding if your motorcycle is cheaper to run than a car?

Depending on your personal motoring history, motorcycles can be cheaper than cars. The initial purchase price for a new motorcycle can be comparable to a car but is generally cheaper. The motorcycle should win hands down over the car when it comes to running costs.

Is it cheaper to buy a motorcycle or a car?

In most cases, motorcycles are cheaper to buy than cars. However, some very expensive motorcycles are on the market, so the comparison would have to be performance-based.

In general, the average new motorcycle ranges from 9 to 15,000 pounds and up for some of the costly big engine bikes.

Compared with a new car, the prices are lower if you consider a VW Golf starts from around 20,000 pounds.

Used values are proportional on both sides of the coin, so overall, the motorcycle is the cheapest option to get on the road.

Are motorcycles cheaper to maintain than cars?

No, motorcycles tend to be more expensive to maintain based on the frequency of servicing and if you think the rear tyre has around 10% of the life of a front-wheel-drive car tyre.

Parts are more expensive because they are imported from the other side of the world, and import duties and VAT are applied to the parts.

Parts are also not manufactured in the same volume as car parts for simple reasons like there are more cars on the road than motorcycles.

Motorcycle engines rev higher and place higher demands on engine oil, so motorcycles often run on more expensive synthetic oils.

Is riding a motorcycle cheap?

Yes and no, let’s look at some of the charges that offset maintenance costs a little.

The average car insurance for a driver with full NCD is around 700 pounds per year. Motorcycle insurance is around 400 pounds per year which is a decent saving.

Depending on the engine size of both styles of transport, motorcycles can have a whopping 90 miles per gallon, whereas even the best cars can only achieve mid 40;s per gallon running on diesel.

Let’s be transparent. You can buy fuel-thirsty motorcycles the same as you can buy fuel-thirsty cars. It’s not always a bed of roses owning a motorcycle.

Tax is cheaper for motorcycles with smaller engines like 125 cc, only paying 19 pounds per year.

Technically it’s cheaper to run a motorcycle than a car, but like most things in life, humans don’t often want average and push for a little more horsepower in both modes of transport.

If you are a motorcycle enthusiast, a 125 cc engine motorcycle is not going to cut the mustard, and you will find yourself with a minimum of a 600 cc machine so you can enjoy a little performance.

If you can put a price on satisfaction, the motorcycle would win due to the sheer exhilaration and freedom a motorcycle offers a rider.