Can You Use Ski Goggles On Motorcycles?

Have you been tempted to wear your ski goggles when riding your motorcycle? They look really cool but are they any good for motorcycles?

Ski goggles are better than nothing when it comes to protecting your eyes. Ski goggles differ from motorcycle goggles, and should be avoided. They block harmful UV rays, but motorcycle goggles stop high-velocity debris from hitting your eyes.

Are ski goggles and motorcycle goggles the same?

No, they are totally different. On the slopes, your ski goggles protect your eyes from UV sunlight directly from the sun and reflected light off the snow.

They almost always have some cool-looking reflective UV protection essential when hurtling down the slopes.

The design of ski goggles offers a wide angle of peripheral vision so you can be aware of who is around you and if you may be in danger from another skier.

Motorcycle goggles are clear; you don’t need UV protection in most cases when riding your motorcycle at sea level or just above.

Motorcycle goggles are designed to withstand dirt and road or track high-velocity impacts.

Motorcycle goggles offer less peripheral vision with the thought that it’s best to keep your eyes on the road or track at high speed and not be distracted by the vehicle or racer next to you.

Is there a difference between ski goggles and snowmobile goggles?

Ski goggles have a lightweight construction and are considered more comfortable than snowmobile goggles.

Ski goggles do not fog up so quickly. Unlike snowmobile goggles, ski goggles fit snug to the face with a very effective soft seal.

Ski goggles offer some warmth but conform less to the face, so they do not offer as much protection against wind and snow as snowmobile goggles. Your protection in a harsher condition is minimised when wearing ski goggles.

Snowmobile goggles provide the user with more benefits. They protect your face and offer more warmth in harsh conditions.

The straps are more robust, which prevents the goggles from slipping, an essential factor when using goggles at high speeds.

What can ski goggles be used for?

Obviously, ski goggles are designed for skiers to block out UV light and provide some protection from snow, wind, and ice.

As you may have guessed, they are great for snowboarding as snow borders operate in the same conditions as skiers.

You could use them for MTB racing or just having fun with your mates riding along the trails; they will give some protection from dirt and mud flicking up into your eyes.

Should you wear ski goggles when riding your motorcycle? In the absence of anything better, then go ahead.

They will give some protection, but you are much better off with clear lenses for your motorcycle. Ski goggles can be pretty dark when not used in bright ambient light conditions.