Is it too late to learn to ride a motorcycle?

Is there a specific age limit to learn motorcycle riding? Do I have the mental and physical wherewithal to tackle this seemingly risky endeavour? 

It is not necessary to be an expert to operate a motorcycle. Anyone of any age can learn to ride. Developing new skills and techniques takes time, just like driving any vehicle. Being an efficient motorcycle rider doesn’t happen in just a few sessions. It takes time.

If you’re in awe of an experienced rider doing sharp u-turns or figure 8’s in parking spaces, it’s because they have mastered that skill. Every proficient rider has a lot of hours of diligent practise to develop those skills along the way. 

Am I too old to learn how to ride a motorcycle?

If you are in good shape, healthy and still open to learning new things and if motorcycle riding is something you are still up for, go for it. Mental and physical coordination comes in tandem when riding a motorcycle and no matter how good you are at certain things, learning it for the first time is a brand new skill set. 

For instance, your clutch hand does one thing, and your throttle hand does another, all operating simultaneously. Plus, your left foot should be in the proper gear. And most importantly, get used to manoeuvring the brakes without throwing yourself over the handlebars. 

At any rate, when you have the confidence after passing basic motorcycle training and securing the license to ride your motorcycle, you leave feeling able to ride safely on the road. But understand that as we age, crashing or falling is not easy. We don’t recover quickly, and we get up as fast as we can and somehow, that significantly affects your ability to grow as a rider. 

Is learning to ride a motorcycle difficult?

If you have the heart and enthusiasm to learn new things, riding a motorcycle would not be as difficult for you. It is also much easier to ride a bike because motorcycles are bicycles with engines perfectly.

However, it might be very frustrating for first-timers, especially if you’re not young anymore. They say that excellent riders are not born. They are developed. So give yourself room for mistakes and grow as a rider.

How long does it take to learn to ride a motorcycle well

It may take a few weeks or even a month for beginners to learn to ride a motorcycle. Whatever you opt to become a licensed rider, you have to pass basic motorcycle training to guide you on the necessary things that you need to know.

In the UK, motorcycle training will take more or less 20 days and 4 days of road testing over the five years of moving from Compulsory Basic Training or CBT to a full A license. If you train before each license test, you need 3-5 days for the license training and a half-day for the test. 

Once you receive your CBT certificate, you can hit the road, but with few restrictions like no passengers, you can’t use motorways, and you’re not allowed to ride scooters, mopeds or motorcycles with high powered engines.