How Much Weight Can A Motorcycle Kickstand Hold?

When you look at your side stand, do you think about how it supports your motorcycle? This article looks at the weight it can hold, and the answer is your kickstand secure?

Kickstands are rated for various weights, plus the weight of the rider, so most kickstands can support up to 200kg of extra weight. For daily use, they are safe, however, heavy bikes may sink into the asphalt at higher temperatures.

How much weight can a motorcycle support?

It varies from motorcycle to motorcycle, but most can carry approximately 450 lbs. Every motorcycle is rated for the weight and has a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating.

The GVWR can be found on a tag located with the VIN tag. If you can’t find the GVWR on the VIN tag, then search in the owner’s manual, where you will find it.

Harley Davidson uses a Gross Axle Weight, which is not the same as a GVWR. European motorcycles also differ as the weight is metric and will be depicted in kgs. It’s an easy calculation to convert. 1 kg equals 2.2 lbs.

You may find your motorcycle has a dry weight and a wet weight! Dry weight is your motorcycle without any fluids like oil, fuel, and coolants.

Wet weight is your motorcycle full of fuel and oil to the correct limits and coolants of liquid-cooled.

Can you overload a motorcycle?

Yes, you may find the police escorting you to a weighbridge if they suspect your motorcycle is overloaded.

However, overloading your motorcycle will not give you a pleasurable riding experience. The motorcycle will be challenging to manoeuvre, even for an experienced rider.

Everything is affected by overloading. Your acceleration will be much slower, causing the handling to be significantly affected, your braking distance will increase to an unexpected margin that your safety could be compromised.

You will use more fuel, and the whole experience will be negative.

Are 400 pounds heavy for a motorcycle?

No. Motorcycles vary in weight. The main factor affecting the weight is the cc of the engine. The bigger the engine, the bigger the motorcycle. A 1200 cc motorcycle could weigh more than 50 lbs.

Off-road motorcycles weigh less than street cruisers, often weighing in at less than 300 lbs, making the motorcycle nimble across rough terrain.

Can you sit on a bike on the side stand?

It depends on your weight and if the side stand has ever been damaged. Most side stands are rated 200lbs over the carrying capacity of the motorcycle.

In theory, this means you should be able to sit on your bike without causing the side stand any undue stress.

However, it is much better to use the centre stand if you sit for prolonged periods. The centre stand will keep you in a more comfortable, upright position.

Should your side stand fail for any reason while you are sitting on your bike, then you could be injured.