When does motorcycle season end?

Are you trying to decide if you should prepare your motorcycle for the winter? But the weather in the northern hemisphere is unpredictable, so when is the right time to stop riding your motorcycle?

As a rule of thumb, when winter sets in, which is around mid-October to early November. If the nights are drawing in and the air is cold, it’s a good time to winterise your motorcycle ready for the spring. For some riders, the first sign of frost decides the day to stop riding.

When does motorcycle season start?

Lighter nights and the clocks leaping forward an hour is an excellent time to start thinking about servicing your motorcycle and getting out on the roads.

However, it is advisable to wait a few weeks longer and ensure no unexpected frosty mornings or nights.

If you are into MotoGP, the 6th March kicks off the Grand Prix season in sunny Qatar. It’s a good indication that 6th March is still too early to ride on UK roads.

The temptation to get back on your motorcycle can be enormous, but remember, your stopping distances will have increased if the roads are wet. You may take this into account but, how about the witless car driver!

What is the best month to buy a motorcycle?

If you are looking for a great deal, buy a motorcycle in November or December. You can twist the dealer’s arm for maximum discounts if it’s new.

New models will be coming for the new year, so dealers are motivated to sell off the previous year’s model, and great deals can be had.

If the motorcycle is used, then hang out for a deal. The seller is possibly giving up his motorcycle for personal reasons. It’s always a wrench to sell a motorcycle you love riding.

Fix your price and be prepared to walk away. Another great deal is just around the corner.

Do motorcycle prices go down in the winter?

In most cases, motorcycle prices go down in winter as prospective buyers are thin on the ground. If you buy from a dealership, the sales price will look the same, but the discounts will be higher.

New models also affect the price of motorcycles. Some riders just need to have the latest bells and whistles and let the motorcycle go for a reasonable offer.

What is the best month to buy a motorcycle?

Motorcycle buyers are like hen’s teeth during the winter months, impossible to find. If you are looking for an outstanding deal, then November and December must be the months to start negotiating for your new motorcycle.

Dealerships and manufacturers will introduce enticing discounts even on new models that will be delivered in the new year.

Of course, when you get your new motorcycle, you may want it delivered and placed in your garage, where you can admire it for the next few months until the time comes to hit the open road.