Where Do You Keep Motorcycle Registration?

Do you have difficulty knowing where to stash your motorcycle registration documents if you need to produce them for any reason?

There are many places you can keep your docs. It’s a good idea to take a photo image and upload it to the cloud; it’s easy to access and should be sufficient proof you are the registered keeper of the motorcycle.

Where should I keep my motorcycle documents?

You need to carry your motorcycle documents with you so, it’s crucial they are kept safe and dry ready for inspection if needed.

It makes sense to have a photocopy of your documents, including insurance. It’s easy to upload to the cloud, and as long as you have an internet connection, they can be retrieved and viewed by a traffic cop if required.

Storing under the seat seems logical, but place your documents inside a ziplock bag to keep them clean and dry.

If your seat does not pop up, then you can get inventive and use your phone case, your phone case pops off easily, and you can store your documents at the back of your phone, knowing they are secure and watertight.

Inside your helmet. Some helmets have detachable fabric, slide your documents inside, and ensure your docs are secured safely.

If the fabric is not detachable, don’t force the fabric. Find another place to store your documents.

Can I ride a motorcycle without registration?

No. If you are buying a new bike from a dealership, you will be supplied with fully registered and ready to go.

You will need to have insurance for your motorcycle before leaving the dealership and heading home. You will need to carry a copy of your registration and insurance to avoid any hassle if stopped by the police. All your info is on a central database, but you need your docs regardless.

If you are buying a used motorcycle, you will still need to have the motorcycle insured before you ride it away and a bill of sale with the V5 tear off to prove you have purchased the bike should you be stopped. The police will want to verify the information.

You don’t need to wait for the new V5 to come through the post as long as you have a valid insurance certificate and MOT.

Don’t do it if you have an unregistered bike and just feel like riding. You may find that your insurance will be invalid if you are not registered, and you can expect tickets and a fine if you are stopped by the police.

Can I use a motorcycle for registration?

To register your motorcycle in the UK, it is straightforward. If your motorcycle is used, you will need to tear off a section of the V5 as evidence you are the owner and insurance. New motorcycles will be registered from the dealership.

Do motorcycle dealers register?

If you purchase your motorcycle through a dealer, everything is plain sailing. The dealer will submit the registration documents to the DVLA.

If you have insurance and an MOT if needed, you can use your motorcycle immediately.