Which foot to put down when stopping a motorcycle?

Are you confused about which foot you should be putting down first when you come to a stop on your motorcycle?

You can use either, but your left foot should be first down since your right foot is on the brake pedal. It’s best to put both feet down if you have long legs. In addition, you should put your left foot down first so you can control your motorcycle on a slope. 

What is the proper way to come to a stop on a motorcycle?

Anticipate the distance from the junction you will stop at, apply the brakes in ample time, so the vehicles behind you know you are stopping.

Change into the appropriate lower gear and come to a stop. Place your left foot down first. If your motorcycle is on a gradient such as a road’s camber, you may need to switch feet, but generally, your left foot should be first.

If you are on an incline, have your left foot down while your right foot is on your rear brake lever.

What foot do you put down on a motorcycle?

Believe it or not, there is no set rule, but common sense will dictate which foot to put down when you come to a stop.

Most UK roads are cambered, and this is the angle from the road’s centerline to the kerb. In all cases, the angle will dictate you but your left foot down to keep your motorcycle upright.

Do you need to downshift when stopping a motorcycle?

A big yes for this one, downshifting should be an essential part of your braking. It gives you continuous control over your motorcycle, putting you in the correct gear should you need to accelerate quickly.

As you approach the junction roll of the throttle away from you, Once the throttle is rolled off, the motorcycle will brake from the engine, giving you a shorter stopping distance.

Leave your clutch out for maximum engine braking. If you decide to coast, you rely only on your brakes to provide all the stopping force needed to get you to a complete and safe stop.

Engine braking is a natural safety feature, so practice often.

When should you put your feet down on a motorcycle?

When you come to a stop, the question is, are you better to try and put two feet down and keep the bike centred or lean a little to one side and use one foot?

If you are a seasoned biker, you will have seen motorcycles dropped when at a stop. It sounds incredulous, but it happens a lot. If you place one foot on the road and there is gravel or grit, your foot can slip and down you and your motorcycle.

Always put at least one foot down when you stop two if possible.