Which motorcycle helmets are made in the USA?

Which is best, a helmet made in Europe or the United States of America? US Manufacturing is known for its belt and braces approach to manufacturing. Are the helmets tougher?

Many helmets are made in the US, but the best-known one in Europe is the Bell helmet that has been around for the longest time protecting motorcycle riders. Bell manufactures helmets for just about every possible motorcycle use and has impeccable credentials for safety.

Are there any motorcycle helmets made in the United States?

Yes, many helmets are made in the United States, but the one with the highest brand equity in Europe and the UK is the Bell helmet.

Bell has been in existence for 60 years, so they know a thing or two about making great helmets that offer motorcycle rider protection.

Bell has a constant evolution in helmet design and materials being used to provide the ultimate protection for road riders and sports bike enthusiasts.

Do you know that Bell helmets offer 44 different helmets for street riders? This is just a part of their motorcycle helmet portfolio.

Are Bell motorcycle helmets made in the USA?

Bell helmets are made in Illinois, but Bell subcontracts some of its helmet production out to China to be competitive.

Just because a helmet is made in China should not cause any concerns. Bell has strict processes to oversee the quality of manufacturing and the materials.

Bell helmets all come with DOT certification for the US and EC and Snell certification for the European and UK market.

Bell strives to use advanced materials and moulding technologies to provide the ultimate protection for the rider. While at the same time producing a superb looking helmet that is also functional.

Bell helmets even come with Bluetooth technology in their budget helmets for rider comfort and convenience.

Are Harley Davidson helmets made in the USA?

No. Harley Davidson makes their helmets in Malaysia, Vietnam, China, and Korea. This should not be an issue for you because all of the helmets are tested locally to exciting standards and receive local certification suitable for the marketplace.

HJC, the principal manufacturer in Korea, has factories worldwide, not just in Southeast Asia. They make helmets for other badged companies and sell under different names.

Are Shoei helmets made in the USA?

Some Shoei helmets are made in America. Shoei is a Japanese company with factories in Japan, Singapore, China, North America and Europe.

Shoei has carved a unique niche in the motorcycle helmets marketplace. Shoei helmets are stylish and synonymous with high-performance motorcycles and provide the ultimate head protection.

The Shoei helmets have become a cherished item despite their ubiquitous presence worldwide.

However, Shoei has some limitations for riders, if you have a small head, you will be fine, but for riders in North America and Europe, the helmets, although converted, do not fit a lot of riders.

Shoei has mastered the art of distribution with a Shoei store or office in most major cities around the globe.