Why can’t I wheelie my motorcycle?

Are wheelies causing you to lose sleep? No matter how hard you try, you just can’t pop a wheelie? Is it you, your motorcycle or a combination of both?

Wheelies take years of practice to master and perfect. It’s a difficult skill of balance and the right amount of revs to the rear wheel. Not enough throttle will keep you firmly planted to the ground, and too much throttle will throw you off the back of your motorcycle.

Are wheelies hard on motorcycles?

Yes. Remember, your street-legal motorcycle weighs in at around 3 to 400 pounds, and you will be travelling at speed. Wheelies on a motorcycle do not resemble a wheelie on a pedal bike.

Many riders who would like to wheelie simply don’t have the heart to follow through. This is normal. It’s OK to be afraid. It shows you have a modicum of respect for your motorcycle and your own life.

So, where do you start? At the top of the rev range, just go hell for leather and get the back wheel up regardless of the consequences?

Or you can take a more advisable sensible approach and wind on a little more throttle each time until you can say maintain a 6-second wheelie.

The transition from two wheels on the road to a wheelie takes time and patience to achieve your ultimate goal.

Once you have cracked it, you will still need to practice wheelies frequently, or you will be chasing your wheelies forever and a day.

Is it against the law to do a wheelie on a motorcycle?

Oddly there is no specific legislation against a wheelie on your motorcycle, don’t get excited. The good news ends there.

Section 2 of the Road Traffic Act 1998 specifically deals with the road traffic offence of dangerous driving or dangerous riding.

If you have popped a wheelie and the police have you on camera, you will have difficulty convincing the courts you were not dangerous driving.

Being a show-off or creating a spectacle that is considered dangerous driving tends to attract some very stiff fines. If you have a history of entertaining road users with your wheelies, you may find yourself eating prison food for a few months.

How can I improve my bike wheelie?

The only way to improve your wheelie is to practice often, try to find some private land with a decent road surface to practice.

The more you practice, the more your confidence will increase and the greater your success will be.

What is the best motorcycle to do wheelies on?

Motorcycles that deliver a high output of torque sports bikes make great motorcycles to wheelie as they deliver masses of power to the rear tyre.

Off-roaders are perfect for popping a wheelie again. The offer roader delivers a lot of torque (rotational force) to the rear wheel allowing for a good wheelie.

Practice your wheelies often and save them for track days.