Why do I keep dropping my motorcycle?

How many times do you drop your motorcycle in a year? If it’s frequent, there may be some fundamentals you need to look at and reevaluate your motorcycle.

While it’s hard to pinpoint exactly why you keep dropping your motorcycle, there are a few possible reasons. During a slow speed turn, you forget to put your side stand down and apply the front brake. There are many reasons why you are dropping your motorcycle.

Is it normal to drop your motorcycle?

Everyone has slip-ups and maybe doesn’t assess a situation as good as they should, resulting in the motorcycle dropping to the ground. It happens to the best riders, and it’s embarrassing. But is it normal, no, not really?

You need to appreciate that your motorcycle is heavy equipment weighing around 450 lbs. That is a lot of weight. Once the centre of gravity is lost, your motorcycle is only going in one direction.

Some basic reasons for dropping your motorcycle is braking in a solo turn, your motorcycle is leaning in turn, and the equilibrium is not in balance. If you brake, then your motorcycle could end up on the deck.

Stopping on an uneven surface or gravel. Put your foot down on the gravel, and your foot slips. Guess which way your motorcycle is heading? It’s a common mishap.

The improper technique of using the centre stand, the motorcycle is heavy, and this is a vulnerable position to lose control of a heavy machine.

How do I stop my bike from dropping?

Get your feet ready! You know you will be putting at least one foot down when you come to a stop plan in advance. Stop gently and have your foot ready if you can get both feet down even better.

Use your side stand on a solid surface. Asphalt is not always the best surface for a side stand. The surface area is tiny, and the weight is big. It can sink into the surface, causing the motorcycle to topple over.

Use your common sense and be aware of your surroundings and what surfaces you are stopping on.

Why do I keep dropping my bike?

Lack of experience and lack of awareness, but don’t worry about what happens to the most experienced riders.

Stopping abruptly and losing your balance is a major factor in dropping your motorcycle. Once stopped, your motorcycle is dead weight. It loses its momentum and gyroscopic tendencies to keep you upright.

Does dropping a motorcycle ruin it?

It depends on how often it happens. For sure, it damages the paintwork and may even snap off some of the plastic-like mirrors. It also damages your ego if it happens in front of an audience.

If the motorcycle is hitting the ground hard, it can cause a lot of damage, so it should be avoided at all costs, but hopefully, you will only sustain cosmetic damage.