Will Indian motorcycles change their name?

Is it possible that in today’s “woke” society that the PC police could put Indian motorcycle companies under enough pressure to change their name?

We live in exciting times! Polaris did acquire Indian motorcycles back in 2011 and maybe reinvent itself to include a name change. However, the Indian is an Iconic motorcycle with a lot of brand equity. Will the PC police force change? You will have to wait and see.

Are Indian Motorcycles changing their name?

There is pressure on the company to change its name, and you would expect some of the native Indian youth are jumping on the “woke” bandwagon to force change.

However, Polaris has stakeholders who would have approved the purchase of Indian motorcycles for a good reason.

The Indian brand is iconic in the motorcycle world, and who would not want that company in their portfolio, even if only for bragging rights?

Then all the loyal Indian motorcycle riders cherish their motorcycles and the brand’s history. Changing a company’s name may be simple but changing an Iconic company’s name is complex, to say the least.

Will Polaris ditch the Indian brand to appease our society’s “woke” members who incidentally contribute the least and take the most. You can expect the name change to occur on a rainy day in Hades.

Is Indian motorcycle going out of business?

Here we go again; some facts from 2021 for you to digest, Indian global sales were up almost 30% year on year, and from 2019, there has been a 50% increase in sales with a buoyant European market.

Several new Indian Motorcycles stores have opened across the US, indicating a strong demand for this iconic brand.

Numbers like that are an indication that Indian is not going anywhere, especially the bankruptcy courts.

Interestingly, with import duties being quite high in Europe, Indian motorcycle is surging forward with sales while its rival Harley Davidson has seen sales drop significantly and may force the company to retrench.

It’s more than motorcycles; so many of you want to be part of the Indian motorcycle brand, so apparel sales are through the roof.

Will Polaris change the Indian name?

No, it’s Iconic and loved by Americans across the board, even if you’re not a biker. Sales for the Indian are increasing while other competitors are seeing sales decline.

The brand and heritage of Indian motorcycles may upset some native Indians, but the company will not change its name any time soon.

Why are Indian motorcycles called Indian?

The founders of the company Oscar Hedstrom and George Hedlee, joined forces as a designer and established manufacturer of motorcycles.

The name Indian was chosen to simply signify that the motorcycle was an American product from design to manufacture.

The brand has grown and was immortalized by Steve Mcqueen in the Great Escape in 1963, where McQueen jumps a fence on an Indian motorcycle.