Best Motorcycle Helmet Speakers

Can’t find the right helmet speakers for your rides? We’ve compiled a list of all the features you need in a motorcycle helmet speaker, and we’ve included the top picks here.

best motorcycle helmet speakers

Consider these factors when buying helmet speakers:

  • Durability
  • Comfort
  • Sound Quality
  • Safety

Having a great sound system while taking long rides is every audiophile’s dream, but everyone needs an excellent audio system to relay information while on the move. Please have a look at our top choices for the best systems that are available.

Top Pick
  • 3.5mm jack
  • Water Resistant
  • Excellent Sound
Best Budget
  • Bluetooth 5.0 Pairing
  • Hand-Free
  • IPX7 Waterproof Technology
  • 3.5mm stereo audio jack
  • High Fidelity Audio
  • Ultra-long Standby Battery
  • Excellent Noise Control 
  • Easy to Install
  • IPX7 Waterproof Technology
  • Easy to Install
  • Long Battery Life

Top Pick

Our Top Pick

Best helmet speakers

Cardo Speaker Audio Set 45 mm

The Cardo JBL speakers set is our top pick, because the JBL speakers gives you top-of-the-line audio.

They’ve also gone a step further by updating their application to adjust audio settings and set a sound profile that suits you best. 

Motorcycle Comms systems have the tricky task of balancing having enough sound while not interfering with the rider’s sensory receptors. Most companies opt for manufacturing devices with low-level volume speakers. 

This is where Cardo has made remarkable strides to ensure that its users have the best equipment to satisfy their listening requirements.

Their “Hey Cardo” voice command will give you easy access to your playlist or even the radio once you’ve set up the device, and you won’t have to shuffle around for your phone.

The Cardo Speaker Audio Set comes with 44mm speakers and JBL logo Foam covers. It has a 3.5 mm jack which makes it compatible with almost all devices, so if you’re looking to get only the audio set, you can. 

You also get replacement foam covers, two booster pads, velcro pads and an activation guide foldout which contains the QR code for activating the headset.

The unit is easy to install and slips right into the pockets inside the helmet. You may have to tweak it a bit before finding the proper position for you, but once you do! 

Your sound experience compared to any other helmet speakers available on the market. 

Things to consider while purchasing helmet speakers

We’ve compiled a few crucial details that you should check while considering getting yourself a pair of helmet speakers.


This is the first thing to check off the list because gadgets can cost a pretty penny, and you cannot afford to keep changing them if you’re on a strict budget.

You should check to see if:

  • The device can operate in a variety of weather conditions.
  • Make sure it’s either water-, dust-, or sweat-resistant, or all three. YYTFY includes all three.
  • A UV-rated product is a plus. It means the unit was made with materials that would be able to withstand long periods of exposure to the sun.
  • Choose durable materials, do not easily crack and can withstand some amount of collision and impact. Remember to check that the mounting features and wires can withstand prolonged wear and tear as well.
  • Battery Life! To travel long distances, you’ll need a device that allows you to play and talk for long periods while charging quickly on the road.


You should check your helmet first before going ahead with purchasing speakers. You must be aware that helmets usually have cutouts to add speakers. 

If you want to integrate a set of good-quality speakers into your helmet seamlessly, you must first check the depth and get precise measurements for the cutouts. 

Then you can match the sizes so that there is no discomfort while you have your helmet on, and you don’t have to keep re-adjusting. Also, make sure that the mounting equipment and wires are hassle-free and don’t interfere while you’re riding.

Sound Quality

If you like to listen to their favourite music during long trips, you might have to splurge a little more on speakers that have enough power to be heard over a roaring engine. The sound should be crisp and clean and be able to suppress background noise.


It is necessary to be aware of your surroundings and focus on the road, especially while riding technical routes. Make sure it doesn’t hinder your senses or cause discomfort that may distract your attention from the road. 

  • Using voice commands, you can easily switch between different functions.
  • Additionally, you should make sure the speakers are not affecting your hearing, and the speakers should be safe for your ears. 

Other features that you must keep in mind are:

  • Compatibility: Most systems have standard connectivity requirements that make them compatible with most devices, but you should still check specifications before purchasing.
  • Design: Helmets come in numerous shapes and designs. You should check if a helmet can support the speakers and the mounting units that come with the device and remain comfortable for long rides.
  • Warranty: This will provide you with security, and you can be at peace knowing that you can get the help you need in case you face difficulties.

Product Reviews

We discussed the benefits of sound systems and what to look for when buying one. If you’re looking for speakers, we highly recommend you read our number one pick. There are many choices, and here are a few more.

Best Budget

Best helmet speakers

YYTFY Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset HiFi Stereo

This system can be connected to your phone via Bluetooth (5.0) for a hands-free experience. You can use voice commands to transition from calls, music, and to navigating the route via GPS with ease.

This functional and ultra-modern system is easy to install and mount. The speakers are quite slim and the clips are flexible and detachable. So, you can use them with almost all helmets that cover the ears and have speaker cutouts.

What we liked

It’s dust and waterproof, making it durable for any weather condition, and they’ve made sure the speakers are sweat-resistant too. They’ve included noise-cancelling and volume upgrade technology which make paring the device and managing the controls simple. 

If you’re worried about the battery life, this system promises 55 to 60 hours of operating time and 500 hours of standby time. 

Although the system has had excellent reviews regarding calls or navigation, the sound quality can be low for music, so this might be a drawback for those who love listening to music. 

Best helmet speakers

UCLEAR Digital Pulse Wired Drop-In High Definition Helmet Speakers

The UCLEAR speakers are some of the most versatile speakers on the list, and it’s compatible with almost all comms systems, phones and music players.

The sound quality is spectacular, however, they are in the higher price range. But, with the versatility and excellent audio quality we think it’s worth the extra money.

What we liked

They weigh 32 gms, so they’re incredibly lightweight and have a thick foam padding that’ll protect the system. 

The loop and hook mount the speakers onto your helmet. The sound quality is top quality, with a sensitivity rating of over 1000 decibels and a 20hertz frequency range. 

The 3.5mm jack is long enough to reach your device, even when it’s mounted on your handlebar. But, the system does not have a microphone unit.  

Another reason to get this system is it’s straightforward to use and comes highly recommended for beginners and audiophiles who need the best.

Best helmet speakers

YYTFY 5.0 Ultra-Thin Helmet Speaker (with Power Bank Function)

This is another YYTFY product we know you’ll love, thanks to the proficiency of its noise cancellation tech and the clarity of audio. Also, This speaker unit also functions as a power bank, so you can charge extra electronics like your phone.

The speakers are also very slim, with a thickness of only 0.32 inches. You won’t even notice they are there, and it’s a device that’s easy to install and use. 

What we liked

The CRS chip allows for excellent connectivity which guarantees no lag or disconnection. The exceptional speaker quality and windproof mic make sure you have crisp audio while speaking or playing music. 

It’s also waterproof so you can use it in wet conditions without worry. The device has 180 hrs of play and talks time with 1000 hrs of standby time. It’s also got a 3000Mah battery set up that acts as a power bank so you can charge other devices using a USB cable. 

It’s a terrific system built with durable materials and well-thought-out features that meet almost all the requirements of a motorcyclist.

Best helmet speakers

YYTFY 5.0 Headphones

This YYTFY product is the underdog on the list but it still is a quality product with plenty of great reviews.

It has excellent connectivity and strong signal transmissions making sure you’re connected and audible at all times.

What we liked

It supports Bluetooth 5.0 connections, has a range of 20 meters, and is compatible with almost all devices.

The unit’s Hi-Fi speakers have their volume upgrade tech, making sure the sound is audible at all times, and it has a 900Ma battery that gives 60 hrs of play/talk time and 500Hrs standby time. 

The fast charging battery is fully charged within 2 hours. It’s waterproof, dustproof and resistant to sweat, and it supports voice commands so you can have a hands-free experience while making calls, switching tracks or navigating with GPS. 

This product is hassle-free with easy-to-install and easy-to-set-up slim speakers and will be a great system to accompany you on your rides.


Helmet Speakers have been around for a while, but we’ve only recently seen an improvement in quality and technology. 

There are a few companies out there who are dedicated to making your rides more enjoyable, and we should commend their efforts for bringing us units like the Cardo JBL speakers. 

Their unmatched sound quality and user-friendly interface come highly recommended by all its users. That’s why they are our number one pick for the best helmet speakers.