Best Summer Motorcycle Jackets

Summer is here, and it’s hot… really hot! That means you have to find ways to stay cool while riding. Thankfully, motorcycle manufacturers have designed some of the coolest motorcycle jackets for summer riding.

The best summer jackets for riding are constructed from lightweight materials that are designed to help you stay cool and protected from the elements. We will cover our top picks and also go over some questions like: 

  • What do all top summer motorcycle jackets have?
  • Do all mesh motorcycle jackets come with a liner?
  • How do I wash a mesh motorcycle jacket?
Top Pick
  • Waterproof
  • Removable armours
  • Breathable
  • Breathable
  • Waterproof
  • Lightweight
  • Versatile
  • CE-approved armours
  • Lightweight
  • Water-resistant.
  • Removable armour and lining.
  • Great money value.

Top Pick!

GEARX BorneAir jacket is made of 600D solid Cordura fabric and has excellent features making it an ideal summer jacket. It’s slim-fit with removable EVA armour on the shoulders, elbows, and a soft armour plate on the back. Furthermore, it has air vent zippers around the shoulders, waist, and arms to maximise airflow and keep you cool during the summer.

The jacket also has a removable thermal lining and a fixed waterproof lining, and it has a waist zipper for attaching trousers. The collar is padded, and you can adjust the limbs and waist for a snug fit.

What we like 

Reflective Piping 

The reflective piping enhances road visibility during the night to keep you safe.

Airvent Zippers 

The air vent zippers enable better airflow, especially during high temperatures. It can keep you away from sweat and help you focus on the road.

Removable Thermal Lining

With the removable thermal lining, you can either use or remove it depending on the weather for an enjoyable ride.

  • Waterproof
  • Removable armours
  • Breathable
  • Buy one size up

Do all mesh motorcycle jackets come with a liner?

Usually, it depends on the brand. Not all motorcycle jackets come with a liner, but some may have a removable waterproof lining. 

Motorcycle jackets with a mesh panel tend to be the most breathable fabric best suited for summer. Moreover, they’re constructed for maximum airflow that helps in keeping you safe and comfortable. 

Mesh motorcycle jackets are intended for summertime, but sometimes the weather can get chilly. Hence, the removable liner is a versatile option that enables you to wear it when the temperature gets down and remove it when the weather gets hot. 

What makes a great summer motorcycle jacket?

Motorcycle jackets are also equally necessary as helmets and are essential riding gear. All top summer motorcycle jackets feature armour on the shoulders, elbows, back or chest to protect you from impact. 

Moreover, they’re designed with abrasion-resistant fabrics with good stitching and have reflective piping to keep you safe at night. 

But most importantly, it should be comfortable and fit you properly. If it’s too tight, it can be bothersome to move your body, especially while riding your arms can affect the control of the motorcycle. And if it’s large, the armour padding might not stay in place and won’t be able to protect you in case of a road rash. 

Here are some features of top summer motorcycle jackets:

  • Mesh: This material is essential for summer to keep you cool and relaxed from the scorching heat. It allows adequate airflow while also still protecting your skin from sunburn.
  • Armours: Most top-quality motorcycle jackets come with CE-certified armours on the elbows and shoulders. Since summer jackets are mainly constructed with mesh and textile, good protection around the shoulders and elbows is necessary. Even if a back protector is not included in your jacket, ensure that it has pockets so you can add one later when needed. 
  • Ventilation: Some motorcycle jackets have better airflow than others. As such, air vents on the chest, sleeves and back can maximise airflow. Additionally, high-quality jackets feature air vents on the back, allowing more air to flow through and help in keeping you more relaxed. If you want to be all ready for summer, ensure that your jacket has air vents to face the harsh summer.  
  • Reflective piping: Most top motorcycle jackets feature reflective stripes for visibility at night. These reflective stripes are not visible enough to be noticed during the daytime, but as it gets darker, it becomes more visible, helping in keeping you safe at night.

Leather Or Textile Motorcycle Jackets?

Both textile and leather motorcycle jackets are durable, comfortable and offer protection, but they vary widely. Leather jackets are exceptionally comfortable and provide excellent abrasion resistance. Still, the downside is that they’re not the best option for extreme weather conditions, helping keep cold or warm. 

As for textile jackets, if you’re looking for a four-season jacket at an affordable price, they make a suitable option. However, the downside is that they won’t do well to provide you with adequate airflow during summer. 

A leather jacket is more on the expensive side and also stretches over time. Moreover, without proper maintenance, it can expand beyond its normal size. However, textile jackets are reasonably priced, and they don’t stretch. 

For waterproofing, leather jackets tend to get heavier when water is absorbed. Though you can purchase a waterproof leather jacket, it’s going to cost you more. 

But, as for textile jackets, they’re versatile and have removable layers that you can use all season. Whether for waterproofing or airflow, textile jackets come with various options. 

Both these jackets have their pros and cons. Hence, you can pick one which best fits your budget and the features you’re looking for. If you prefer more of a traditional style, leather jackets can be a suitable option, but if you prefer a modern look, textile jackets can be an ideal choice. 

What size mesh motorcycle jacket do I need?

To know the size you need, you can refer to the size chart provided by the manufacturer. Moreover, motorcycle jackets are mostly close-fitting, so you can order your usual size or go one size bigger depending on how you wear your clothes. 

Also, some sizes run small, some run large, so it’s best to refer to the manufacturer’s size recommendation. 

The jacket should be well-fitting. If it’s big, the armours might not stay in place, so ensure that the protectors appropriately sit on your shoulders and elbows. 

What makes a good summer motorcycle jacket?

All you need is a mesh motorcycle jacket to provide you with adequate airflow for summer. Also, every rider looks for the same primary feature on motorcycle jackets, i.e., comfort and enough protection with proper ventilation, as these are essential. 

Summer jackets that are breathable, lightweight, and protective make a great summer jacket and function the best. You should look for ones that can help you stay cool in the scorching heat and protect you from impact. 

Choosing a good summer motorcycle jacket can vary depending on individual choices. However, opt for jackets constructed with high-quality material because they can protect your skin from any accidents and will be worth the investment.

How do I wash a mesh motorcycle jacket?

Regardless of the material, the best option is to look for care instructions at the label provided by the manufacturer. That way, you can know if the material is machine washable or should be gently hand washed. 

Removable liners may be machine washable, but most motorcycle jackets are washed by hand and are a safer option. Ensure that you remove all the armours and liner before washing. And always use a very mild detergent to protect the jacket’s fabric.

Alpinestars T-GP Plus R V3 Air, the best?

Alpinestar’s T-GP Plus RV3 is an excellent option if you’re looking for a summer jacket that’s lightweight and has large mesh panels around the arms and torso. 

Moreover, its removable thermal lining blocks cold winds to keep you warm during cold weather. Additionally, this jacket has many features that make it stand out from the crowd. 

Durable materials and rigid construction make this jacket worth the investment. Built with a high-quality 600D fabric with a double polyurethane coating to provide maximum protection, the top has stretch panels on the shoulders and underarms for a more comfortable fit. 

Moreover, it has Nucleon Flex Plus CE level 1 protector on the shoulder and elbow. If you prefer a well-built motorcycle jacket with extra features, it can be a good choice for you. 


You can opt for this simple constructed RKsports bomber jacket if you want a casual motorcycle jacket for everyday wear. It has removable CE-approved armour on the shoulders and elbows, along with padding in the back. 

The bomber jacket is also highly breathable and comfortable, and its waterproof and windproof properties make it suitable for varying weather conditions during the summer. 

What we like 

Removable liner

The removable liner makes a versatile option that you can remove when the temperature increases.


This lightweight bomber jacket makes an excellent choice for a comfortable summer ride.


Given its durable material, this jacket can last for some good years. 

  • Breathable
  • Waterproof
  • Lightweight
  • No reflective stripes

Texpeed's jacket is an all-season jacket with a removable liner, allowing it to be worn during the summer and winter. The 600D Cordura construction has a soft neoprene material on the neck to keep the wind at bay. 

Adjusters are also included on the waist and around the arms for a comfortable fit. Additionally, you can remove the armour on your shoulders, elbows, and back.

What we love 

Reflective stripes

It has 3M reflective stripes at the back and arms for better night’s visibility.

Removable lining 

You can remove the thermal lining during summer for better airflow.

Connection zipper 

Using the connection zipper, you can attach matching trousers.

  • Versatile
  • CE-approved armours
  • Lightweight
  • It’s warm

Our last jacket is the Dimex waterproof jacket, which is also reasonably priced. It's made of high-quality and durable 600D polyester Cordura fabric and has a waterproof and breathable Reissa membrane. Furthermore, it has two air vent zippers for better airflow and to keep you comfortable while riding in hot weather. 

What we like 


With the velcro adjusters on the waist and cuff, you can adjust the jacket according to your desired fit.

Reflective Stripes 

It has reflective stripes at the front and back for better visibility in the dark.

Airvent Zippers

Airvent zippers promote better airflow during rides in warmer climates.

  • Comfortable
  • Value for money
  • Lightweight
  • Sizing issues


Motorcycle jackets are essential riding gear that can help you avoid serious injuries. Therefore, a jacket with thick fabric and protectors can go a long way, but they can be heavier due to their thickness and heavy protectors. 

Fortunately, manufacturers like TEXPEED, GEARX, RKsports and Dimex have created innovative solutions that allow you to ride comfortably and safely even during hot weather.

Also, our top pick, the GEARX BorneAir ticks all of the boxes with its excellent features, making it a great choice for the summer, and I think it’s worth the investment.