Can a motorcycle be a daily driver?

Do you really need another form of transport if you ride a motorcycle? Is it possible to ride your motorcycle every day of the year to work?

If you don’t live in a climate where you can ride your motorcycle 365 days a year, then you can’t have a motorcycle as a daily driver all year round. However, in the warmer months in the UK, you can use it as a daily driver. 

How often should you ride your motorcycle?

As often as possible. You may be the best rider out there but leave your motorcycle for a couple of months, and your muscle memory will not be the same.

Riding a motorcycle needs good reflexes from the rider, and these reflexes come with practice from frequent riding.

If possible, ride your motorcycle at least once a week. This will keep your battery charged, the oil flowing around the engine preventing any dry areas from occurring.

Some say fuel is similar to wine! It’s undoubtedly true for petrol; I’m not sure about wine. Once the bottle has been opened, it starts to degrade.

Fuel loses its whizz-bang, performs poorly if left for some time, and may not start the motorcycle.

How long can you ride a motorcycle in a day?

It’s not an easy question to answer. Riders become sore and stiff after being on the road for an hour or more.

If you are too sore from riding after two hundred miles, then cut back the riding and recover.

The distance covered by the motorcycle is less to do with the machine than the rider’s limitations. An experienced practised rider should cover 2 to 300 miles in a day if the weather conditions are good.

The key to long hauls on a motorcycle is to plan, nowhere the rest areas are and hotels if you need to take a break.

Are motorcycle riders better car drivers?

Without a doubt, yes. Lest qualify the statement, a motorcyclist is more aware of the daggers of the road due to his learned ability to be constantly anticipating and thinking ahead.

The motorcyclist may not handle a car like a seasoned driver, but in terms of safety, the motorcycle rider wins hands down every time.

Can you commute on a motorcycle?

It depends on the distance! But yes, you can use a motorcycle to commute to and from work. You will need a backpack for your work clothes and to store your riding gear.

There are some distinct advantages of commuting on a motorcycle, such as ease of parking. Even if you work for a small company in the city you can always find a parking space for a motorcycle.