Can a motorcycle get a parking ticket?

Are you finding it harder to find a parking bay for your motorcycle? One of the perks of owning a motorcycle was essay parking, but why is it difficult to park?

Yes, motorcycles can get tickets the same as cars for parking in the wrong area. Motorcycles can also be towed away, so be careful as the costs of parking tickets seem to be punitive in many areas of the country and, if not paid within the specified time, increase unfairly.

Can motorbikes get a parking ticket?

Yes, and an overzealous parking attendant will have no compassion for you regardless of your mode of transport.

The problem with parking your motorcycle is there are no hard and fast rules as to where and when. Many pays and display car parks will allow you to park in a bay if you have the correct ticket displayed before leaving your motorcycle.

It sounds excellent, and the ticket has part of your reg printed on it, but that doesn’t stop a bored kid from taking your ticket for the hell of a hit and leaving you with a parking ticket.

Of course, it should be on CCTV, and hopefully, you can dispute the ticket, but it’s a hassle you don’t need.

Some car parks have perfect motorcycle parking bays, and they can be free. Some car parks allow you to park on yellow hatches if there is no obstruction to vehicles or pedestrians.

But the ambiguity of parking has taken away the once enjoyed perk of accessible parking for the motorcycle rider.

If you park in a multi-story, you hear tales of parking in a regular bay only to find your motorcycle has been bumped out of the way, and you have a ticket for parking in an unauthorised area.

Do motorbikes pay for parking in London?

It depends on the area and whether it is considered on-street or off-street. Certain areas of London will allow a motorcycle to park for free while others charge.

In central London, you can expect to pay to charge your motorcycle. Don’t forget you will also pay congestion charges based on the CC of your engine.

If you are in London searching for a suitable place to park your motorcycle, the best advice is to look for the blue advisory signs.

All parking fees are electronic and vary with the postcode; all ticketing is done with what can only be described as gusto as Sadiq Khan grinds the citizens into the ground.

Parking penalties appear to be enormous, but there is a 50% discount for prompt payment so pay immediately, so you don’t forget and end up with further charges and a visit from a bailiff.

If you move out of the central London boroughs, you may find it’s easier to park, and parking will be cheaper.

Are motorbikes exempt from the London congestion charge?

Yes, if your motorcycle meets the emission standards, or the minimum you can pay is 12.50 pounds, that is for ULEZ Ultra Low Emission Zone. Otherwise, congestion charges will be based on the emissions from your engine.

How do they measure the emissions? They don’t, and they have a table of Euro-spec engines and the DVLA register of your engine type. The ULEZ is based on a Euro 3 engine which is quite an old tech these days.

There is a system where you can get the NOX emissions checked, and the borough will inform you of the result.

If you don’t pay the charge within the discounted time, the charge will revert to the full 160 pounds.

You can check your motorcycle status by going to Transport for London’s website prior to entering the congestion zone.

Do motorbikes need parking permits in London?

Here is the problem, London has 32 boroughs. Some are motorcycle friendly and will not charge you to park, while others in central London will charge as much as possible, so you stay out of the city!

The other problem is the boundaries, if you are not a local, then the boundaries are a mystery, and you can easily foul the parking laws.

7 boroughs of London require a motorcycle to have a parking permit, which of course, you have to pay for.

The likes of hackney will make you pay for parking regardless of a parking permit or not. It’s easy to see why motorcycle riders and motorists, in general, are disgruntled by the parking regulations in London.

Parking permits outside the central boroughs are reasonably priced at around 40 pounds per year. Which for parking is ok.

The permit fits inside your tax disk holder, so it’s not easily tampered with.

Is it illegal to park a motorcycle on the pavement?

In London, you cannot park your motorcycle on the pavement. At best, you will have a ticket, and at worst, the motorcycle will be impounded, and the costs will escalate quickly.

It kind of makes sense to most motorcycle riders that parking on the pavement is an obstruction to pedestrians, you can get away with it in certain cities in the UK, but in London, you will be made to pay a heavy price for such an outrageous act!

Do motorcycles have to pay and display?

In central London, you will have to pay and display charges. However, ground locks are provided to secure your motorcycle, and there will be CCTV in operation. 

Some councils have prevented pay and display tickets from being stolen from motorcycles. The rider writes his registration number on the ticket and posts it in the box provided.

Councils are so hungry for parking charges and penalty notices to subsidise their operations that CCTV monitors parking bays. This is great for security, but if the ticket slips your mind, you will find a ticket on your motorcycle within minutes of parking.