Can you wear a backpack on a motorcycle?

With so much limited space on your motorcycle, is it possible to wear a backpack and ride safely?

Yes, you can wear a backpack when riding a motorcycle. It gives valuable extra space and allows the rider to use the motorcycle for more practical daily chores like shopping. There are some concerns in the event of an accident. If the backpack hits the ground first, it could hyperextend the spine.

Is it safe to wear a backpack while riding a motorcycle?

It depends on the backpack and its weight. If you have a huge backpack full to the brim, the added weight will affect the motorcycle’s dynamics, namely the balance. A heavy backpack could cause the rider to lose control of the motorcycle.

There is a big concern that a standard loaded backpack could cause spine injuries. The premise for this assumption is if you come off the motorcycle in an accident and the backpack hits the road first, you are over flexing your spine. 

The same goes for the neck. The cervical spine is vulnerable to what could be described as whiplash in reverse, and the neck would extend too far backwards.

However, you can buy a purpose-designed backpack to prevent injury if you have an accident.

At first glance, they are streamlined to prevent wind resistance, made from durable materials, and are waterproof. 

The cool thing about purpose-designed backpacks is many come with helmet straps. Helmet straps allow you to strap your helmet securely to your backpack, alleviating the dilemma of what to do with your helmet when you are parked.

Can you strap a backpack to a motorcycle?

It’s best to use the backpack for its primary purpose: to wear it on your back. Strapping the backpack to the motorcycle may present you with some potential hazards.

Trailing arm straps is a good example. If the arms straps came to lose, they could easily lock into the chain and lock the rear wheel.

How do you carry things on a motorcycle?

The best way to carry items on a motorcycle is with a back box or panniers. They are designed for your motorcycle and give you the freedom of carrying items with confidence.

There are removable panniers; they look like a western saddlebag which is precisely what they are but made from modern materials.

The motorcycle backbox is a more permanent solution, perfect for regular shopping trips or carrying documents to the office.

Can you ride a motorcycle with a large backpack?

Riding with a large backpack is not a good idea at any time. Assume that your journey is uneventful apart from the slow speed due to the wind resistance of the large backpack trying to rip you from your motorcycle.

If the backpack is loaded to the gunnels, then cornering becomes a challenge as the backpack’s weight will want to pull you down.