Do u-Haul motorcycle trailers come with straps?

Will you need to rent a U-Haul trailer to move your motorcycle? Should you use your straps, or will U-Haul provide adequate straps to secure your motorcycle to the trailer?

According to U-Haul, when you rent a motorcycle trailer from them, they supply straps for your motorcycle. However, it’s a good idea to have your straps and ropes secure the motorcycle if needed. 

How do you strap a motorcycle to a U-Haul trailer?

Before you even attempt to put your motorcycle on the trailer, take a little time to ensure your parking brake is on in your towing vehicle.

Check the trailer is securely attached to the towing hitch ball. Be sure the chains are attached from your vehicle to the trailer. If the trailer jumps the towing hitch, your trailer will stay with the towing vehicle.

When you remove the lynchpins from either side of the ramp, you must push the ramp to the ground. It’s spring-loaded for safety reasons.

This is not a one-person job, so make sure you have a helper to support the motorcycle for you when strapping.

Push the motorcycle onto the trailer and locate the front wheel in the “V” shaped reveal at the front of the trailer.

You will notice ample heavy-duty “D” ring coupling points around the trailer to secure your ratchet straps or ropes.

Before you proceed with strapping your motorcycle securely to the trailer, your motorcycle owner’s manual will show you the best places to attach straps without causing damage to your motorcycle.

Secure both sides of the motorcycle from the front with the handlebars locked in position. When tightening the ratchet straps, they should be equal, equal in length and equal in tension.

It is essential not to compress the motorcycle’s suspension down. You will need some play in the suspension to absorb bumps.

Secure the back of the motorcycle to the swing arms to avoid brake lines and electrical wiring.

When completed, all of your ratchet straps should have the same tension. Repace the lynchpins when the ramp is upright and you are ready to go.

Can you haul a motorcycle in a U-Haul truck?

Yes, you can. This will be a four or five-man job and don’t be tempted to ride the motorcycle under its power up the loading ramp. It’s an accident waiting to happen.

Once you have the motorcycle in the truck, you need to check the front wheel. You can make a jig with wood or buy or rent a chock for the journey.

Similar to strapping your motorcycle to the motorcycle trailer, systematically strap your motorcycle until it is secure.

Soft loops are an excellent way to prevent damage; you can attach these to the rear footpegs and the handlebars for secure fixing before attaching the ratchet strap.

U-Haul trucks have many options for attaching your ratchet straps to secure the motorcycle correctly.