Why do motorcycle tyres lose air pressure?

Have you been caught out with low tyre pressure at the most inappropriate time? Don’t worry, and it happens to all motorcycle riders.

There are many reasons tyres lose air pressure. Outside air temperature can affect the inflation of a tyre. Faulty valves are widespread at letting air leak out slowly from a tyre.

If you have a slightly bent rim, this could be the cause and tyres that need to be changed.

Is it normal for motorcycle tires to lose air?

Yes, in general, tyres deflate over time, and you should be checking your tyre pressure at least once a week as part of your general maintenance regime.

Physics 1O1 Boyle’s law, heat gas expands cool gas and contracts. This happens in tyres every day. Every time your tyre is used, the friction causes the air inside to expand. Your tyres expand and contract with air temperature.

Eventually, the air will find a way out of the tyres. Even a tiny amount each day will add up over a week.

Faulty valves are a primary culprit of air leaking from tyres; either the tyre fitter didn’t fit the valve correctly or it has just degraded.

You need to maintain your tyres and wheels to ensure you have no damage-causing air loss if you do repair immediately.

Why do my tires keep losing air pressure?

The common reason for tyres losing air is.

  • Faulty valves have either not been fitted correctly or have degraded over time. Keep in mind your tyres are exposed to the elements and a whole host of chemicals on the road surface that can damage the rubber.
  • If your wheel is not perfectly concentric due to potholes and possibly hitting debris in the road, your tyre could lose air pressure. A slight deviation from being concentric could be enough to cause a problem.
  • Have you got a nail in your tyre? An apparent cause of air loss and potential danger.

How often should you put air in your motorcycle tires?

As a rule of thumb, you should check your tyre pressure once every week unless you notice you have a problem with a tyre that looks like it has reduced air pressure.

It takes seconds to check your motorcycle tyres for the correct air pressure. If you are doing a lot of miles, check your tyre pressure every third fuel fill to ensure you have the best riding experience.

Why do bike tires lose air so quickly?

If your type pressures are in line with the data plate on your frame, then you may find it’s your riding style. It could be how you ride! Let me explain.

When you enter a corner with a road limit of 50 mph but you enter at 65 mph, your tyre has come under enormous pressure that squeezes and flattens the tyres for just a second or two. The air in the tyre has to go somewhere, and some is escaping to the atmosphere!