Do motorcycles have radios?

Do you get bored not listening to the radio when you ride your motorcycle? Is it even possible to have a radio on a motorcycle?

Some motorcycles do have radios fitted from the factory. They are normally big cruisers, and the radios are similar to what you would find in a car. They can run on conventional speakers providing enough protection from the wind, or use an intercom system playing directly into your helmet.

Can you listen to the radio on a motorcycle?

Yes, there are no restrictions unless travelling through the US, where some laws state you can only use one earbud!

Big cruisers like a Honda Goldwing will come from the factory with a radio built into the console of the front fairing. If you are going to listen to the radio through external speakers, you need a suitable large fairing to deflect the wind.

The better way to listen on a cruise is to use the intercom system, which plays the music directly into your helmet.

If your motorcycle is not fitted with a radio, then a phone that picks up an FM signal will do, or you can use an mp3 player to listen to your favourite tunes through earbuds or speakers designed to fit in your helmet.

What motorcycles have radios?

Touring motorcycles have the ideal set-up for a factory fitted radio. Motorcycles like Harley Davidson and Honda Goldwing will have the ability to have a factory fitted radio built into the fairing console.

The key to having a radio built into your motorcycle is to have a substantial front fairing to mount the radio. Also, the fairing must deflect enough air for the rider to hear the radio if using external speakers.

Do most motorcycles have a radio?

No, most motorcycles are not fitted with a radio due to the style and dimensions of the motorcycle.

Most motorcycles opt for a sleek design and keep the weight of ancillary equipment to a minimum to save weight.

Do motorcycles have sound systems?

You can have a sound system on a motorcycle if you have a decent fairing. Some surprisingly decent aftermarket sound systems can be easily fitted.

MTX has a great soundbar that can attach to most styles of handlebars. You just need to supply power, pair it to your Bluetooth device and your set to listen to your favourite music.

How can I listen to music on my motorcycle?

Yes, you can listen to music while riding your motorcycle through a couple of methods.

If your motorcycle is not fitted with a radio from the factory, you can opt for a sound system that works well and is weatherproof.

By far the best way to listen to music and the cheapest way is to use earbuds (Bluetooth are easier) and an mp3 player or your mobile device.

You can buy specifically designed speakers that are super slim to velcro to the padding in your helmet for a more comfortable listening experience.